Yealink T28P

VoIP technology has enabled innumerable users to carry out their day-to-day business communication in a better way. At present, there are various VoIP phones available in the market. One of the widely used VoIP phone is the Yealink T28P IP phone, which is an executive model specially designed for multitaskers. This exclusive model enhances efficiency and productivity of the individuals and thereby of the whole organization.

Yealink T28P is widely appreciated for its attributes like excellent HD Voice Quality, friendly user interface, innovative functional richness and elegant design. Owing to these qualities, the product provides customers with a satisfactory and pleasant experience. Yealink T28P can support up to 6 SIP accounts having standalone configurations. Furthermore, along with supporting latest wide-band voice codec G.722, the phone also has features like full-duplex hands-free speakerphone and advanced AEC. With the help of these features, Yealink T28P IP Phone provides superior voice clarity. The phone has gained immense fame for its features such as voicemail, SMS, MWI, Black List, XML phonebook and phone lock, among others.

Under its category of voice features, Yealink T28P offers high-definition speakers and supports PLC, CNG, VAD, AEC, AGC and AJB. Apart from these, the product also supports SRTP voice encryption and HD Wideband voice codec G.722. The phone has Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone that is in line with IEEE 1329.

The Yealink T28P IP Phone is appreciated amidst innumerable customers for its features such as call waiting, call transfer, call hold and call forward that provide easy management of the call traffic. In addition, the phone also puts forward functions like dial plan, call pickup, intercom, call park and BLF. With the help of this product, the user is able to practice the options of 3-way conference, Mute, Dial-now, DND, Speed Dial and Auto-answer. Furthermore, the phone set also comes with features such as tone scheme, rings selection, volume adjustment and distinctive ringtones. With the help of its advanced features, the Yealink T28P IP Phone meets the demands of many customers across the globe.

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